Some Thoughts on It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Halloween is not my favorite holiday of the year. I have my issues with it in terms of religion. I am not a big fan of horror and scary things that go bump in the night and I spent way too much of my childhood being targeted by bullies to really enjoy walking around in a silly outfit in a neighborhood where the other kids were armed with eggs, shaving cream and other things to throw at you. Having said that, there is one thing I love about Halloween – watching It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

Rob and I watched it tonight and had a blast but after watching the show again, I have a few thoughts and comments that I would like to share with you.

#1. What is Linus’ parents doing to reinforce his belief in the Great Pumpkin? I mean, kids would stop believing in Santa really quickly if they came downstairs every year on Christmas to no presents. Linus firmly believes that the Great Pumpkin brings presents to all the good girls and boys so are his parents getting him gifts and signing them “from the Great Pumpkin” or does Linus blame the lack of gifts on his failure to live up to the Great Pumpkin’s exacting standards?

2. Speaking of Linus’ parents – where the heck are they in this movie? I mean, the kid is young enough to be carrying around a security blanket and they are ok with him staying out all night in a pumpkin patch? When his sister wakes up at 4am, she is the one to get him and bring him home…. shouldn’t someone call someone about this?

Oh well, even with these lingering questions in mind, I still love the Great Pumpkin and will continue my search for a pumpkin patch with real sincerity so that one day I may see the Great Pumpkin rise out of the pumpkin patch and bring presents to all the good girls and boys. Wish me luck!


About Ciarrai

Hi. My name is Kerry but here online I tend to go by the Gaelic version of my name, Ciarrai. I am a woman in my mid-30's who lives on Long Island, NY, with my husband, Rob, several guitars, a Nikon D40, more yarn, beads and books than I care to admit to and a cat who has a million nicknames and quite a few theme songs. I have a B.A. in Psychology and have recently returned to college to pursue a teaching degree so that I can eventually get a job as a High School English teacher. In addition to my major obsessions (Reading, Beading, Knitting, Music and Photography), I also enjoy playing Board Games, going to Renaissance Faires, Museums and Broadway Musicals.
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