Semester Retrospective

Now that the school semester is done and the holidays are coming to a close, I finally have a little time to post to my poor neglected blog.  Although it got a little all-consuming for a while, I really did enjoy going to school this year. I read some great literature (some of which I would have read on my own even if it hadn’t been assigned reading), made some friends and had a great time debating all manner of things during classes. Some of my most memorable moments included:

– arguing with my short story professor that the chrysanthemums in Steinbeck’s short story, The Chrysanthemums, represented – how do I put this politely?-  an oft neglected part of a woman’s sexuality – particularly since this was a story about a woman’s inability to find satisfaction and fulfillment in her life. I actually used the phrase, “Her husband couldn’t find her “chrysanthemum” with a road map!!!”  Maybe I took one too many Women Studies classes during my undergraduate years but, seriously, I know I am right. Click on the link above, read the story and you will see that I am right.

– getting into a heated discussion with a classmate about the merits (and lack thereof) of Sigmund Freud’s theories. It was just my luck that the class quieted down just in time to hear me proclaim “Well I, for one, do not envy your penis one bit!!”

– getting into another heated discussion with that same classmate about how you cannot cite modern-day America as an example of Social Darwinism because we have programs in place designed to help people (welfare, food stamps, unemployment, disability, social security, etc) rather than simply letting nature take its course and allowing only the fittest members of society to flourish and survive. This lead to an even more heated discussion about whether the New Deal was an example of American Imperialism during which I ended up quoting Indigo Montoya from the Princess Bride. “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means!” 

(For the record, we were not discussing whether or not America has had its imperialist moments or not – we were both agreed that it has – and we were not debating whether or not the programs I mentioned above were good ideas or not, were being administered correctly or not or anything like that. That would have been a completely different heated argument).

It was a crazy couple of months but I really enjoyed it and I was really happy to find out that I got straight A’s for the semester. I haven’t finished registering for next semester yet but I can only hope that it will be as much fun as this past one has been.


About Ciarrai

Hi. My name is Kerry but here online I tend to go by the Gaelic version of my name, Ciarrai. I am a woman in my mid-30's who lives on Long Island, NY, with my husband, Rob, several guitars, a Nikon D40, more yarn, beads and books than I care to admit to and a cat who has a million nicknames and quite a few theme songs. I have a B.A. in Psychology and have recently returned to college to pursue a teaching degree so that I can eventually get a job as a High School English teacher. In addition to my major obsessions (Reading, Beading, Knitting, Music and Photography), I also enjoy playing Board Games, going to Renaissance Faires, Museums and Broadway Musicals.
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