Lyrics Fail

There were some really fun moments at Rob’s Rock Band party. (I particularly enjoyed the conversation Rob and I had when we were getting dressed for the party about which of his t-shirts – which almost all feature comic book characters – was the most rock and roll. We ultimately decided that the Spiderman shirt had a slight edge because the Ramones did a cover of the Spiderman theme but if he had had an Ironman shirt – which he doesn’t – and if Rock Band had the Black Sabbath song – which they don’t – we would have gone with Tony Stark). But one of my favorite moments at the party was watching my in-laws (including my sister-in-law, Michele) singing the Beatles’ Michelle. Not only did I think it was sweet and everyone was having such a great time, but it reminded me of a couple of funny stories.

Years ago, I used to go out to a club where they had a karaoke stage with a bunch of my friends. One night, one of my friends and an ex-boyfriend of mine (who were trying to impress young ladies who were both named Michelle) came up to me and asked me for a suggestion of something they could sing for “the Michelles.” I suggested Michelle by the Beatles. It had their name in it,  wasn’t hard to sing, and it is such a pretty song. It was a no brainer as far as I was concerned. But the boys rejected my suggestion and decided to do another song but substitute the name “Michelle” instead of singing the name of the woman in the song. They took the stage, dedicated the song to the Michelles (making sure to point them out so that everyone in the crowd knew who they were serenading) and then launched into their song. It did not go over well. They couldn’t understand why the girls didn’t love their big gesture but I think it might have had something to do with the lyrics which went a little something like this:

“MIIIIIIIIICHELLE, you don’t have to put on the red light. Those days are over. You don’t have to sell your body to the night.”

To be fair, one of these two guys (my ex) always had a little problem with the appropriateness of lyrics. When we were dating, I made the mistake of saying that we should have “a song.” His suggestion: With or Without You by U2. Great song but I wasn’t thrilled by the implications of the lyrics so I rejected that option. His next proposal was I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.  *sigh*  He couldn’t understand why I was so upset about or why, despite the fact that U2 is really awesome, that he might have wanted to go with another band for that conversation.   

And with that I have to start working on my schoolwork and I am not allowed back on WordPress until I am done. (If I post anything else today without first saying that my paper is done, you have my permission – in fact I am asking you all – to comment on that post, yelling at me to get back to work on my paper. I don’t know why but I always get very prolific on my blog when I have other things that desperately need to get done and I am putting my foot down today.)


About Ciarrai

Hi. My name is Kerry but here online I tend to go by the Gaelic version of my name, Ciarrai. I am a woman in my mid-30's who lives on Long Island, NY, with my husband, Rob, several guitars, a Nikon D40, more yarn, beads and books than I care to admit to and a cat who has a million nicknames and quite a few theme songs. I have a B.A. in Psychology and have recently returned to college to pursue a teaching degree so that I can eventually get a job as a High School English teacher. In addition to my major obsessions (Reading, Beading, Knitting, Music and Photography), I also enjoy playing Board Games, going to Renaissance Faires, Museums and Broadway Musicals.
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