Look What I Made: Pumpkin Patch and Tea Time Stitch Marker Sets

I recently started making stitch markers to help knitters keep track of their patterns. I made a wine lover’s set, which sold out rather quickly on my etsy store, and I thought it came out rather cute. I love coming up with fun, little themes of what might make a good set for my fellow knitters. This weekend, I made two more sets:

Time for Tea: Handmade Stitch Marker Set for Knitters

My love affair with teapots and teacups is probably pretty obvious to anyone who reads my blog, looks at my etsy shop, or spends any amount of time with me. I grew up, having tea parties with little miniature tea sets, in a family of tea drinkers, where having a cup of tea was a rite of passage, a source of companionship, support, and comfort.  I also love the historic and literary associations that I have with tea.

So it definitely made sense to make a tea-themed stitch marker set. What I love about this set is that it seems to tell me a story, actually two stories.

The first is a knitter enjoying a quiet moment with her knitting and a hot cup of tea, enjoying some peaceful “me time.” I once lived in an apartment where soft sunlight would stream into a large window at just the right angle. It would filter through a set of white curtains I had and make my light blue walls just glow in such a peaceful and beautiful way. My favorite thing in the world was to sit there with my knitting and a cup of tea and just relax. These stitch markers make me think of that.

The second story is that of a knitter sitting at a table, surrounded by chatting friends. There is a cup of tea and some baked goodies on the table in front of her and she is laughing at a funny story while her hands are busy knitting her latest project.  I’ve had so many wonderful moments like this with both my favorite knitting group friends and with my family.

I find it funny but wonderful that these five little teapot markers remind me of such different stories, both solitude and companionship, and that I love both images so much. I can only hope that whoever takes them home enjoys many such wonderful moments.

Tea Time Stitch Marker Set

Tea Time Stitch Marker

And The Pumpkin Patch: Handmade Stitch Marker Set for Knitters

Fall is a great time to be a knitter! Nothing is cozier than knitting with thick, colorful wool on a crisp Autumn day. And there is something extremely satisfying about keeping your friends and family (or yourself) warm with handknit scarves, hats, and sweaters as the weather starts to cool. I think I have always associated Fall with Knitting, which is why I took my first knitting lesson in the fall. (My knit-aversary is coming up. As up November 9th, I will have been knitting for 6 years!)

With all this in mind, I wanted to celebrate the beginning of Knitting Season by creating a special Fall Stitch Marker set and so I picked these sweet little pumpkin charms which reminded me of days spent pumpkin picking with my family, carving Jack o Lanterns and Trick or Treating for Halloween, and pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving dinner (not to mention countless viewings of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, one of my all-time favorite things about Fall).

Pumpkin Patch Stitch Markers for Knitters

Pumpkin Patch Stitch Markers for Knitters

Pumpkin Patch Stitch Marker


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One Response to Look What I Made: Pumpkin Patch and Tea Time Stitch Marker Sets

  1. So cute and so very handy! My daughter thinks of stitch markers as “jewelry” for our knitting, but then she’s always a little disappointed when the final sweater/hat/scarf doesn’t have the stitch markers knit into it. 🙂

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